About the NLB idea

Hey all - so to give you the story behind NLB (Nuke & Lil’Bit) - it all started back during the COVID fun, where I got a brainy idea to teach my daughter soldering and electronic theory. I started going after commodores as I hadn’t had one in years, and then commodore fever really started to hit. Our room was filled with them. Most were in really poor shape. My daughter learned the routine of:

  • breakdown, clean, and inspect
  • Repair suspected/damaged parts
  • CLO (Commodore light off)
  • test, analyze, repair, test again
  • Prepare and serve the customer

Nearly all our sales were on e-bay during this period and that became a major financial loss for us and expensive to the enthusiasts that wanted their commodore. The math was pretty clear:

  • Buy beat up commy for $150ish depending on model and condition, pay shipping
  • Find out what needs to be replaced, purchase that (and pay shipping depending on what was needed)
  • Get everything fixed and cleaned, turned around to sell on ebay and had to cover ebay fees that would incur on sale; user would have to pay shipping
    (the ebay fees were the “gotcha”).

I can barter and shop for decent shipping fees, but can’t avoid ebay fees. As a result, we shut down ebay sales early 2022. But we are still here and in the game! We have several 128 builds in inventory as well as 1581s, 1541s, 1571s, C64Cs. We offer complete build solutions to get you up and running in the '20s!

Reach out to us! All sales are direct to us and can use PayPal, Zumee, or whatever we can negotiate.