Best stores for your Commodore?

Share your laundry lists of providers! I have a few favorites on the top of my head:

  • Retro Innovations
    Retro Innovations was my first go-to as we started working on our recent commodore refurbishment where we purchased our Jiffy Dos setup. They had great support.

  • Retro Rewind
    My Favorite! Cool gadgets to get your commodore running smoothly in today’s world. Includes wfi modems, replacement caps, ROM replacements

  • Retro 8-Bit Shop
    A great source for replacement chips, caps, joysticks, posters - all things retro.

  • My Retro Computer
    Cool commodore builds available for a commie fantasy extraordinare!

  • Darth Skalmar Retro Garage
    Better than what you find in Joe Biden’s garage!

  • C-64 OS
    The new OS for your retro 64!

  • Ultimate 64 (Gideon’s Logic)

  • Individual Computers
    Home of the C64 Reloaded Mk2

  • Console 5
    Repair parts and upgrades for your Commodore Equipment!

  • New Stuff for Old Stuff
    Cool new gadgets for the aging hardware. CPU, PLA, RF Modulators, etc

  • CoreI64 Shop
    I have used this shop a few times and enjoy their support and communication. They have great products. Our most recent enjoyment has been the Commodore 128 NEO PCB boards to build our own C128s from the ground up. The offer numerous 3D printed parts, cartridges, upgrades, kits, etc

  • Protovision
    Awesome gamemaker producing new material for your breadbin! Great hardware section as well!

  • Retro Computer Store - nice accessories to help your commodore in the modern world! Also replacement IEC cables and other odds and ends.

  • DIY Chris - Excellent source of pre-fab kits, replica pcbs, and replacement (new!) parts for the commy.