May Day is the day - C64x

Ready for a new computer build?
C64X is a-coming - and is ready to replace your aging home computer with a new Commodore. Wait, what? No seriously… The awesome guys at MyComputerRetro are ready to hook you up!

You get a snappy nice rebuild of the Commodore 64 case design for modern socketed Mini-ITX boards. You can get them built or ready to build. Recommended boards are:

  • ASRock J4105-ITX (Embedded)
  • Gigabyte J3455N-D3H (Embedded)
  • ASRock J5040-ITX (Embedded)
  • BioStar A68N-5600E (Embedded)
  • ASRock B550M-ITX/ac Socket AM4 Mini-ITX Motherboard
  • Akasa 7106HP / Akasa K25 (Intel)
  • Thermaltake Engine 27 (Intel)
  • Silverstone SST-NT07-115X (Intel)
  • ID Cooling IS-30 (AMD, not so widely available)
  • Dynatron A18 heatsink/fan

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