PiMiga 3 setup

Downloaded PiMiga 3 yesterday to upgrade my PiMiga 1.5 build. There were some issues! One great thing to consider about PiMiga is if you own an Amiga 500 with GOTEK drive, you can use USB functionality of PiMiga to get files over to your Amiga! No need for AExplorer / Null Modem Cables / etc…

My configuration: RPI4, wireless keyboard using USB, Bluetooth 5.0 mouse.

  • With the card freshly built from imager and the kick.rom in place, the PiMiga boots up exactly as expected. Looks like this is a solid build! Per CubicleNate’s steps, pressed F12 to get to RASPI-CONFIG and expand the drive. Since this is running off a 256GB card, there’s a lot of space to reclaim!
  • After the expansion was ordered from RASPI-CONFIG, set WIFI and BLUETOOTH so I can have a mouse back in operation. Things seemed to start functioning as expected.
  • Reboot! System Rebooted back to the Debian login window - no luck in attempting to login as “pi” with “pimiga” as password (Debian would accept, but then throw me back into the login screen)
  • Attempted user “root” with same password - this let me in! OK - now we’re getting somewhere, but my Bluetooth setting was lost, and I’m stuck at Debian desktop as user root, not pi.
  • Tried a system update (apt update / apt upgrade) - this failed. No room on disk. Apparently, the expansion operation didn’t work. Re-ran that and I guess since I was root, it had no problems doing it this time.
  • Reboot!
  • PiMiga came back up again. Bluetooth not working again.
  • Re-ran apt update / apt upgrade.
  • Reboot (again)!
  • System logged on and straight to PiMiga desktop. All operations appear working normally!

Additional notes:

  • Behavior of system when in the control GUI for the PiMigia is a little different now. Pressing “QUIT” will not dump you to the command line; instead, you are placed in the X-Window environment. This took me a few hot minutes to understand this was occurring because the color scheme was the same.
  • Some programs like Blitz Basic or attempting to read text files open beyond the borders of desktop area and cannot be resized, read or utilized. ** Troubleshooting
  • If you have a previous PiMiga version, be sure to save things you hold near and dear! All your stuff is under the “home” directory for pi.