The ReAmiga 1200 PCB Build Experience

I’m starting up with the daughter a build of the ReAmiga 1200, offered by John “Chucky” Hertell, version 1.5.

The website offers a straightforward BOM that we have completed about 50% of the purchases straight from Mouser, with only one component showing up as an EOL/obsolete. Not bad, with only 60 components remaining to be ordered.

Costs associated with this build will be updated as I go along.
PCB (etsy purchase from RetroTekki): $42.81
Capacitors & Resistors (Mouser - missing one component): $67
Obsolete component (1): 330nF capacitor P/N VJ1206Y334KXJTW1BC

Our gameplan for unit housing:
I already have a traditional A1200 case & system, so I’m considering the Perspex Case offered by These seem like an excellent option if you are going for a straightforward A1200 (not a Pi-Storm’d unit) and this will help me maintain my desktop space requirements. More to follow…